Internet Research Services

We can’t be everywhere. And we can’t travel back in time. Taking your readers somewhere you haven’t been yourself isn’t easy.

But the internet is a goldmine for authors. You can go, virtually, anywhere without leaving home. But there is SO much out there. How can you find what you’re looking for? Before you know it, you’ve fallen down that rabbit hole that is the internet, and hours later you’re still looking for some facts or details to make your story ring true.

Let me do that searching for you. I can send you information you need to fill in important details. I can find you photographs, artwork and videos to see the places and things you’re writing about so you can describe them accurately – and down to the last detail! I’m AWAI-trained in internet research – I also have 20 years’ experience both as an author doing my own research, and as a legal assistant. I can do that focused research you need.

Looking for a particular artwork or image? Cover art for your book? I can help with that, too!

Copywriters – I can help you with the focused research you need for your next project!

E-mail me today so I can help you with the research you need to make your next project sing!